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A Brampton Barbering Tradition Since 1946


Al Widdis opens a humble, single-chair barber shop on Queen St. E. in downtown Brampton


Al moves his shop to McArter Lane, off Main St. and across from what is now the Rose Theatre


When Al announces his retirement after 50 years, Rob Rutledge steps up to acquire the business. As a sign of respect, he keeps Al’s name on the door


Rob moves Al’s Barber Shop to a new, larger, 3-chair location in a cool, converted garage a few blocks west of Al’s original shop


Success leads Rob to renovate The Garage, adding more chairs and amenities


Rob celebrates 30 years as a barber

Original owner, Al Widdis, photographed with current proprietor, Rob Rutledge.
Rob Rutledge keeping the door to Al's Barbershop open.